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Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive Technology
Permanent magnet direct-drive technology consists of a wind-driven turbine rotor turning a permanent magnet synchronous generator, which does not require a gearbox to operate. The generator produces alternating current which is delivered to the grid via AC-DC-AC conversion by a full-power converter. We have successfully introduced our specialized wind turbine series, which adopt this technology and are efficiently adapted to the PRC’s diverse operating conditions, including low and high temperatures, high altitude, low wind velocity and coastal areas. The key advantages of the direct-drive permanent magnet full-power rectification technology are:

High power generating efficiency and a better power curve
The permanent Magnet (PM) generator avoids all rotor winding and mechanical energy losses associated with gearboxes and couplings. The PMDD full power converter provides the flexibility to optimize rotational speed for maximum energy capture, which reduces transmission loss and allows higher generation levels, especially at low wind velocities. 

Lower maintenance costs and less downtime
As a result of a low component count, passive and modular designs and the absence of a gearbox, our turbines offer improved reliability and maintenance costs that are the lowest in its class. As a result of these efforts, our customers use cranes less often and enjoy a lower operational expenditure.

Better grid connectivity
A full power converter enables superior low-voltage ride-through (LVRT) and enables high levels of reactive power control.

Research & Development Capabilities
Our R&D activities have a history of more than ten years, and we have developed numerous series of WTG models which are adapted to the diverse operating conditions in the PRC.

In 2008, our acquisition of Vensys Energy AG further strengthened our independent R&D capabilities. We now have cutting-edge research centers in Xinjiang, Beijing, and Neunkirchen, Germany.

Our R&D team possesses considerable wind power industry experience and we have established a superior technology development platform. As a result we have been able to develop our own proprietary cutting-edge WTG technology. Our main innovations are in the areas of WTG design, electric control systems, core mechanical parts and components as well as the design and manufacture of permanent magnet generators, converters and our performance testing and inspection capabilities.

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