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Goldwind’s Low Wind-Speed Turbines Exhibit Strong Performance

July 29th, 2011 – Beijing, China

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“Goldwind”, Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 2208; Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 002202) announced that its 1.5 megawatt 87/1500 series (87-meter rotor diameter) of low wind-speed turbines has exhibited strong performance amid initial small-scale deployment. The strong results come at a time when the domestic low wind-speed market appears poised for growth.
By far, Goldwind has successfully connected 139 units of such low wind-speed turbines to the grid across China and achieved an impressive average availability of over 98%. Goldwind first deployed its 87/1500 units in Rongcheng, Shandong Province, where its first three units have amassed cumulative generation of over 10 million kWh amid low annual average wind speeds of 6.1 m/s.
Generally, Goldwind’s 87/1500 series has performed well in weak average wind conditions of 6-8 m/s. In fact, the 87/1500 series produces 5% more power under the same wind conditions compared to Goldwind’s 1.5 megawatt 82/1500 series turbines (82-meter rotor diameter). The performance of the 87/1500 turbines demonstrate the continued improvement and strong technical advantages of Goldwind’s low wind-speed development strategy.
Goldwind’s successful development of low wind-speed turbines provides an opportunity for further wind power penetration into areas outside of the traditional “wind-rich” regions in northern and western China. The 2005 Renewable Energy Law provided a platform for widespread commercialization of wind energy, but development to date has predominantly focused on distant wind-rich regions. These regions are now almost saturated and face transmission infrastructure bottlenecks. The advent of low wind-speed turbines brings forth the opportunity to tap into resources in the weaker wind regions of central and eastern China. These areas are advantageously closer to demand centers and face fewer infrastructure limitations.
Goldwind was one of the first industry players in China to recognize the significant benefits of acquiring technical know-how to self design and produce these key components. This is a strategic advantage as many within the industry continue to source their electrical control system components from abroad.

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