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Goldwind’s PMDD Unit Achieves Successful Ride-Through at Zero Volts

14 July, 2011 –Beijing, China

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“Goldwind”, Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 2208; Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 002202) announced today that its 1.5MW permanent magnet direct drive (“PMDD”) wind turbine has recently achieved successful ride-through during a test at zero volts. The test was administered by GL Garrad Hassan (“GL”) and had a higher standard than China´s soon to be issued “Technical Rule for Connecting Wind Farm to Power System” grid code standards. The strong results delivered during GL’s strict ride-through tests further demonstrated the “grid connection friendliness” featured by Goldwind’s PMDD technology.
Low voltage ride-through (“LVRT”), which has been a major challenge for the Chinese wind power market, enables a wind turbine to remain on-line and provide reactive power in the face of major disturbances to the grid. During times of large voltage dips, an LVRT capable wind turbine can remain operational and available rather than disconnecting from the grid. Ride-through capability at a zero volt level can help maximize the stability of the grid.

Prior to the successful GL test results at zero volts, Goldwind’s 1.5MW PMDD unit had already been widely recognized for its LVRT capability. Goldwind’s 1.5MW unit had previously been certified for its LVRT capability in August 2010 by the China Electric Power Research Institute, a well-recognized measurement organization in China´s electric power sector. Since then, the 1.5MW unit has also become the first domestic wind turbine to successfully pass a series of on-site LVRT tests in October 2010. In December 2010, Goldwind’s 1.5MW unit also became the first PMDD wind turbine to pass a series of computer-simulated LVRT tests under the Inner Mongolia Electric Power Research Institute’s real-time digital simulation (“RTDS”) platform.
The 1.5MW unit’s strong performance amid strenuous industry standard tests is a testament to the advantages of Goldwind’s PMDD technology and the company’s relentless R&D efforts. The tested turbine’s key system, the electrical control system, was designed and manufactured by Beijing Techwin Electric Company (“Techwin Electric”), Goldwind’s subsidiary. The electrical control system plays an ever more critical role in the megawatt class wind turbine.
Techwin Electric General Manager Liu Xiangdong said, “Over years of diligent R&D efforts, we have developed the technical expertise to design and manufacture the key components of the electrical control system, including the turbine’s control systems, converters and pitch system, among others.”
Goldwind was one of the first industry players in China to recognize the significant benefits of acquiring technical know-how to self design and produce these key components. This is a strategic advantage as many within the industry continue to source their electrical control system components from abroad.

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