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GoldwindAnnounces US Turbine Sales – Continues Momentum in Americas

Projects in Rhode Island and Ohio will feature Goldwind’s 1.5 MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Turbines

Chicago, IL: Continuing to build on its strong momentum in the US market, Goldwind announced the sale of five turbines for projects in Ohio and Rhode Island on Monday. With the announcement, the company has now sold over 120 MW of its 1.5 MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive turbines since moving to the Americas just over a year ago.

"Goldwind has enjoyed a great deal of success in the Americas to this point – we’ve developed a local presence, hired local staff and secured projects in Minnesota, Illinois and now Rhode Island and Ohio,” said Tim Rosenzweig, CEO of Goldwind USA.    “We have entered into the utility scale market, completed deals with American manufacturers to provide content in China and we have created opportunity and an undeniable economic impact. We are focused on continuing that momentum, continuing to demonstrate our technology advantages and continuing to build-out our global supply chain.”
The sales also demonstrate a rapidly growing adaptation of PMDD technology by the US wind industry. With an installed base of over 6,000 MW of PMDD turbines globally, Goldwind is widely viewed as aglobal leader in the deployment of direct drive technology.
The two projects are as follows:
Providence, RI:
Goldwind was selected by the Gilbane Building Company to provide three of its1.5 Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) turbines for the Narragansett Bay Commission wind project in Providence, Rhode Island. The turbines will feature 82m rotors on 70m towers with blades manufactured at LM Windpower’s Grand Forks, ND plant.
The Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) is Rhode Island’s largest and one of the country’s oldest wastewater treatment facilities. In 2010, the NBC Board of Directors approved plans to construct three wind turbines at the Field’s Point Wastewater Treatment Facility in Providence. According to the NBC, the project is expected to supply between 55 percent and 60 percent of the current electrical power demand of the Field’s Point facility. 
"These alternative energy projects are good for the environment and will save money for our ratepayers,” said NBC Chairman, Vincent Mesolella in 2010. “Currently electricity is one of our most significant expenses; these projects will allow us to mitigate those expenses while we pursue our clean-water mission.”
Van Wert Ohio:
Van Wert Ohio –based, V.H. Cooper and Company, Inc., has purchased two of Goldwind’s1.5 MW PMDD turbines as part of the Cooper Farms’ Wind VW Project.   The project will consist of 2 Goldwind GW87, 1.5 megawatt wind turbines installed on 85 meter hub height towers.  The turbines will utilize blades manufactured at LM Windpower’s Grand Forks, ND plant.
According to Jereme Kent, General Manager of One Energy, LLC, the company responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction for the project, Goldwind was selected due to its ability to offer technologically superior alternatives reducing noise and maximizing power curve. “The large rotor diameter to nameplate rating of the GW87 provides for an excellent power curve and capacity factor in the Class 2 (IEC Class IIIA) wind resource at the site,” said Kent. “Additionally the GW87 was selected because the full AC-DC-AC conversion provides excellent power quality, and the direct drive technology minimizes maintenance cost/risk and minimizes sound production.”
The project will be interconnected through American Electric Power and will directly and significantly offset the electrical usage of Cooper Farm’s Van Wert facility with wind power. The turbines will provide more than half of the annual electricity consumed at the site.

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