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About Goldwind
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., is the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in China, and among the largest in the world. With strong R&D capabilities, the Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbines, representing the industry’s next generation technology. Goldwind is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002202) and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code 2208).
As of December 31, 2012, Goldwind’s accumulated wind power installations exceeded 15 gigawatts, and it has installed more than 12,000 wind turbine units around the world. That wind power generation capacity is equivalent to 12 million tons of coal saved per year or 29.91 million tons of carbon emissions reduced per year or 16.4 million cubic meters of newly planted forest.
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Media Contact:

Press office, Goldwind Corportate (HQ)
Tel: +86-(0)10-67511888 ext. 2120
E-mail: news@goldwind.com.cn

Colin Mahoney
Goldwind USA Inc.
Tel: +1 617-970-4418
E-mail: cmahoney_ext@goldwindamerica.com

Olivia Tang
Goldwind Australia Pty Ltd
Tel: +61 2-9008-1715
E-mail: oliviatang@goldwindaustralia.com

Mu Dan
Goldwind Windenergy GmbH
Tel: +49-6821-9517368
E-mail: mudan@goldwind.com.cn