• Name: Culture Manager Position: Culture Manager/ Chief Culture Officer

    Location: Beijing, Economic & Technological Development Area, China

    Title: Culture Coordinator/ Culture Manager/ Chief Culture Officer (depends on your background)

    Reports to: Human Resources Director and the CEO

    The opportunity:
    Goldwind is seeking an energetic and enthusiastic Culture Manager/ Chief Culture Officer to join the team. You will be in charge of protecting and maintaining the essence of the Company.
    Responsible for developing strategies to ensure that HR initiatives and programs, such as recruitment, onboarding, team-building and recognition – reinforce the company’s culture and values.

    The objective:
    To grow a corporate culture that fosters a fast learning and continuously improving the organization that will enhance our competitiveness and profit.

    The value:
    Bad habits can arise over time without someone taking an active role in making culture visible. A company’s culture constantly changes, which makes it a challenge to define it and make sure it is progressing the way the company wants. Therefore it is important to bring someone in to keep an eye on culture. The position not only elevates the importance of culture within the organization but also someone to track it and report on it officially.

    ?    Facilitate the process to grow internal cohesion and shared corporate culture.
    ?    Ensure that there is a clear and consistent strategic alignment.
    ?    Acts as a liaison between employees and other C-level executives.
    ?    Establishes an emotional connection for employees, execs, and the organization as a whole.
    ?    Plans and carries out events for employees.
    ?    Monitor the corporate culture evolution on a regular basis.

    ?    Define the company’s cultural values; three to five is the ideal number.
    ?    Actively drive the global process of developing of our company values, vision, and mission.
    ?    Make the values visual—on our website, the home page of our intranet, on the walls of all the office buildings. Reference them often and regularly, incorporating them into communications.
    ?    Outline a strategy of events or changes that will be made within the company to specifically support each value.
    ?    Expand beyond the HR department. Form a committee of diverse representatives who can foster ideas and help execute strategy.
    ?    Advise HR regarding hiring and firing according to the company’s values. Define the attitude you are looking for based on the cultural values, and interview candidates accordingly. Advise HR regarding dismissing employees who undermine the culture or sabotage positive changes.
    ?    Design and develop our measure system to monitor the acceptance and movement of cultural issues throughout the company
    ?    Reward those who embrace and embody the values. Develop a peer-to-peer rewards program and consider a monthly, quarterly or yearly awards program to highlight individuals who make a positive impact on the culture.
    ?    Ask for candid feedback to help identify weaknesses in initiatives and work with key stakeholders to develop an improvement plan.

    Requirement/ Qualifications
    1.    Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Media Communication, Public Relations, Communication or other relevant major.
    2.    5+ years of experience in Human Resources Management, Management and Leadership, and event planning. Someone with experience in inspiring and motivating people; someone who thinks out of the box.
    3.    Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English
    4.    Strong skills with MS Office Suite
    5.    Training experience – proficient in training methodologies and soft skills (Problem-solving, critical thinking, communication skills, time-management, and relationship-building skills)
    6.    Demonstrated ability to successfully develop and deliver training programs utilizing skills in instructional design, program design & development, and training methodologies
    7.    Strong organizational design and management skills. As a company grows, organizations often need to restructure teams, budgets, and responsibilities. A culture manager who understands how a company’s structure influences its culture could be instrumental in managing culture shifts during growth or transitions.
    8.    Broad employment branding experience. How prospective applicants and employees perceive our company is critical to instilling our culture internally and communicating it externally as part of the recruiting strategy. The culture manager should be able to help shape the messaging of the company’s values to build a strong employment brand.
    9.    High emotional intelligence. For many companies, the culture manager serves as the eyes and ears of the organization and is a trusted person whom employees can consult regarding workplace
    10.    High energy personality, enthusiastic, motivational training style.
    11.    Be able to connect with employees on an emotional level, and then bring up tough conversations with management or leadership as needed.

    Compensation & Benefits
    ?    Competitive salary
    ?    Annual Bonus
    ?    Commercial health insurance
    ?    Work visa and work permit
    ?    Professional development opportunities
    ?    Wellness program

    Goldwind is a growing Chinese wind turbine manufacturer. Our mission is to “Preserve blue skies and white clouds for the future”. Join Goldwind and support our mission! Send your resume and motivation letter to work@goldwind.com.cn

  • Name: International Project Assistant Position: International Project Assistant

    We are looking for an intern that can work for at least 6 months in our International Support Center at our Yizhuang office in Beijing.

    Job Duties & Responsibilities:
    Data Collection from Researching Markets
    Provide assistance with Project Execution, Risk Management, Contract Business Management
    Departmental Management
    Bachelor degree or above in Project Management, Strategy and other related major
    Fluent in spoken and written English
    Comfortable with working in a multi-cultural environment
    Included Benefits:
    Monthly salary
    Accommodation, including electricity and water bills
    Transportation to and from the company
    Daily lunch at the company canteen
    Accidental insurance and visa extension costs
    Access to sports and cultural facilities
    Take the opportunity to work for a growing Chinese company!

    Apply NOW to work@goldwind.com.cn with your CV and cover letter.

  • Name: Recruiting_3 Position: Human Resources Intern

    We are looking for an enthusiast intern that can work for at least 5 months, starting from September 2016, in a dynamic environment at our Yizhuang office in Beijing.

    ·          Management of foreign employees, interns and associated programs (visa, insurance)
    ·          Serve as a liaison between local and foreign employee (translation and communication)
    ·          Problem solving and general assistance for the HR Department
    ·          Assist with the recruitment and hiring of foreign interns
    ·          Assist foreign employees and interns with problem solving in various capacities
    ·          Proficiency in English (and Chinese), oral and written
    ·          Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a multicultural setting
    ·          Ability to work independently
    ·          Proactive personality
    ·          Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office
    Included Benefits:
    ·          Monthly salary
    ·          Accommodation, including electricity and water bills
    ·          Transportation to and from the company
    ·          Daily lunch at the company canteen
    ·          Accidental insurance and visa extension costs
    ·          Access to sports and cultural facilities
    Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to work for a growing Chinese company!

    Apply NOW to work@goldwind.com.cn with your CV.

  • Name: Information Disclosure Specialist Position: Information Disclosure Specialist

    Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology is the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.
    The Company, which is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen exchanges, is valued at over US$6 billion. Our key shareholders include some of the largest and most respected professional investors in the world. To facilitate investor relations, Goldwind has established open channels of communication with the international financial community.Goldwind was among the first wave of Chinese companies to successfully “go out” into overseas markets.In support of the Company’s growing international footprint, it also seeks to be a leader in financial communications, which provides our customers and partners with enhanced transparency and accountability.

    Goldwind’s Office of the Secretary of the Board is responsible for three channels of external communications: 1) Meeting the Company’s public disclosure requirements, 2) Media communications, and 3) Communications with the board of directors.
    The team works together to prepare periodic financial reports and other required public announcements in accordance with the listing rules of the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges.In addition to meeting our basic reporting requirements, Goldwind’s senior management engages directly with the financial community during semi-annual briefings, investor conferences, site visits, conference calls, and social media. Goldwind also works with journalists from around the world to establish an understanding of the Company’s mission and strategy among a broader audience. Through these channels, Goldwind helps the world to understand the performance, strategy and outlook of one of the world’s largest wind power companies.

    Position: Information Disclosure Specialist (internship or full-time job position)
    Department: Office of the Secretary of the Board is responsible for information disclosure, Investor Relations, communication with stock exchanges

    Job responsibilities:
    Writing Chinese and English periodic reports and environmental, social and governmental report
    Writing Chinese and English announcements and circulars with reference to the Listing Rules of Hong Kong Stock Exchange and corporate business situations
    H share compliance matters, including disclosable transactions, connected transactions and etc.
    Manage communication with Hong Kong Exchange
    Annual filing to Company Register in Hong Kong
    Compliance reviews of local subsidiaries every year
    Travelling abroad to provide compliance training to overseas subsidiaries every year
    Perform other duties as assigned

    Knowledge of relevant Hong Kong Exchange listing rules, corporate policies and regulations, and the Chinese law
    Fluent in spoken and written English, including formal business English
    Fluent in spoken and written Chinese  (at least of HKS 4)
    Good communication skills
    Work well in a multicultural environment

    Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to work for a growing Chinese company!
    Apply NOW to work@goldwind.com.cn with your CV.


  • Name: IT internship Position: IT Internship

    Job Duties & Responsibilities:
    Participate in ongoing IT projects, depending on your capabilities and interests
    Improve current information systems and tools
    Provide internal English training in our information center

    Bachelor degree and above in computer science or other related studies.
    Fluent in spoken and written English
    Proficient in Mandarin Chinese is a pre
    Computer skills: MS office
    Comfortable with working in a multi-cultural environment

    Included Benefits:
    Monthly salary  
    Accommodation, including electricity and water bills
    Transportation to and from the company
    Daily lunch at the company canteen
    Accidental insurance and visa extension costs
    Access to sports and cultural facilities
    Take the opportunity to work for a growing Chinese company!
    Apply NOW to career@goldwind.com.cn with your CV and cover letter.

  • Name: Technical Support Intern Position: Technical Support Intern

    We are looking for a brilliant Technical Support Intern that can work for at least 6 months in a dynamic environment at Goldwind International Office in Yizhuang,Beijing.

    • Provide support and consulting services to other departments;
    • Assist the department with the technical aspect of project bids, participate in clarifications for the projects;
    • Technical evaluation of sales and investment projects;
    • Collect the check lists of projects and make the overall technical plan;
    • Planning for projects under construction.

    • Fluent in English and/or Spanish
    • Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
    • Comfortable with working in a multi-cultural environment.

    Included Benefits:
    • Monthly salary
    • Convenient Accommodation arrangement
    • Transportation to and from the company
    • Daily lunch at the company canteen
    • Visa extension costs
    • Access to sports and cultural facilities

    Take the opportunity to work for China’s largest wind energy company!

    Apply to
    Complete application only: Please apply with an updated CV, a cover letter explaining why you apply, when you might be available and for how long

  • Name: Patent Engineer Intern Position: Patent Engineer Intern

    We are looking for an enthusiastic Patent Engineer Intern for at least 6 months in our Yizhuang office in Beijing.

    Key Duties and Responsibilities:
    - Conduct background and prior “art” searches
    - Make analysis reports about wind power related patents
    - Interact with inventors
    - Prepare the specifications & references figures for patent applications
    - Check translations of our American /European patent applications
    - Search competitors’ patents and use a patent portfolio according to Goldwind’s strategy

    - Bachelor or Master Degree in Automation, Electronics, Physics, Renewable Energy, Mechanical Design or any relevant Engineering Degree
    - Legal background or knowledge is appreciated
    - Experience in wind turbine research & patent development is preferred
    - Ability in English AND German (precise your skill level)
    - Excellent PC skills
    - Strong interpersonal skills, ability to work independently and in a multicultural setting

    Included Benefits:
    - Monthly salary
    - Accommodation, including water and electricity bills
    - Transportation to and from the company
    - Daily lunch at the company’s canteen
    - Insurance and Visa extension costs
    - Access to sports and cultural facilities

    Apply to work@goldwind.com.cn with your cover letter, CV and eventually any other relevant document or information.

  • Name: Language Management Assistant Position: Language Management Assistant

    We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented Language Management Assistant to work in a dynamic environment. Don´t miss this opportunity!

    Assist to language project management
    Assist to language style control and management; assist in proofreading documents in English/Spanish/Russian/German.
    Information searching, collection, analyzing in specific areas like wind energy, wind farm management, wind turbine manufacture and so on.
    Consult with experts in such areas like wind energy, wind turbines, offshore turbines, wind farm projects and so on; retain and develop specialist knowledge of wind energy including wind turbine, wind farm, renewable energy, operation and management.
    Participate in the full cycle of project management, such as creating the project proposal for client approval and scheduling the internal work flow and assignments.
    Take training to improve professional skills and knowledge both in language project and renewable energy.
    5 days per week is preferred, minimum availability of 3 days per week full-time.
    Opportunity of getting involved in projects related to your own interest or background, collaborating with experts in such special areas like wind energy, company management and operation, an wind farm operation.
    Lesson planning and implementation to improve the English skills of employees in business-related areas (for native English speakers).

    Bachelor degree or above
    In-depth knowledge of English
    Native speakers of English/ Spanish/Russian/German
    Active Learning - Working with new information to grasp its implications
    Good time management and comfortable with teamwork
    Computer knowledge, such as word processing and e-mail is required
    Engineering background, especially experience in wind energy is a plus

    - Monthly salary
    - Accommodation, including electricity and water bills
    - Transportation to and from the company
    - Daily lunch at the company canteen
    - Accidental insurance and visa extension costs
    - Access to sports and cultural facilities

    The Goldwind Strength Analysis Department is looking forward to welcome you in its team!

    Please apply to
    work@goldwind.com.cn with all relevant documents and information, precise when you will be available and for how long. Thank you.

  • Name: System Control & Simulation Internship Position: System Control & Simulation Internship

    We are looking for an enthusiastic General Technology Intern that can work for at least 4 months in a dynamic environment. Get ready for a new challenge!

    Duties & Responsibilities:
    - Work on engineering project with other team
    - Work on wind turbine wake research
    - Relevant wake case and data analysis
    - Develop tools for wake analysis

    - Bachelor in Aerodynamics obtained in TU Delft preferred
    - Fluent in spoken and written English
    - Works well in a team environment

    Included Benefits:
    - Monthly salary
    - Accommodation, including water and electricity bills
    - Transportation to and from the company
    - Daily lunch at the company’s canteen
    - Visa extension costs
    - Access to sports and cultural facilities

    Take the opportunity to work for a growing Chinese company!

    Please apply to

  • Name: Bjarnthor Position: Offshore Wind Turbine Technology Department

    I am a master student in Aerodynamics at TU Delft and I chose to go to Goldwind for an internship because I saw that as a great opportunity to work in an international company in an exciting country and to work within the renewable energy industry.  At Goldwind we have a relaxed and friendly working environment which goes along with variety of sports and activities, so this is a great place to combine work and fun!

    The internship was a great experience and is something I will take with me in my future career as well as my future life.

  • Name: Syrymbet Idrissov Position: Technical Supporting department

    After completing my MS in Energy Systems I got a chance to work in Goldwind.

    It was a great opportunity for me to work in one of the world’s biggest wind turbine manufactures with professional staff. I have been working in Grid Connection Technology Department for 5 months, where I expanded my theoretical knowledge of wind turbine operation under voltage dips, as well as low-voltage-ride-through techniques. Moreover I was able to see the physical performance of wind turbine components during the wind farm trip organized by Goldwind. Additionally Goldwind organizes sport and outdoor activities, thus encouraging employees to live a healthy life style.      

    There are numerous events that Goldwind organizes for their employees each month. It was interesting to participate in birthday event and department dinner with my colleagues.  

     Overall my internship at Goldwind was a great experience to be exposed to Chinese culture and meet interns from all over the world.        

  • Name: Sander De Smedt Position: Blade Technology Center

    As part of the master program at the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) students have to complete an internship within a company that is related to their study. While looking for an aerospace related internship position, I came across Goldwind Science & Technology. After having read some of the positive feedback from other TU Delft students that had done their internship there and having checked out Goldwind’s website and background I decided to apply.

    Being an aerospace engineer myself and having a main interest in the structural and aerodynamic design of aircraft I was not entirely sure what position to specifically apply for within such a large and diverse company. However, after having sent my resume and letter of motivation I quickly received a professional but enthusiastic response from the people at Human Resources. Having read up on my background they found it most suitable to put me into contact with the Blade Development Technology department. After some email correspondence and an interview with my future supervisor I received the news that I got accepted and could start working there as soon as I was available.

    My internship began in September 2012 and I worked at the Blade Development Technology department for a period of 6 months. During those 6 months I got the unique opportunity to share and broaden my knowledge on numerous different subjects related to the design and production of wind turbine blades and obtain a better understanding of the inner workings of this department.

    While working closely together with the Blade Development Technique team I got to put my theoretical knowledge to practical use, which proved to be a very fulfilling experience. In addition to this I also learned many important lessons with regard to for example working effectively in a team, the inner workings of a large and influential company such as Goldwind and about renewable energy and its importance both within and outside of China.

    During the everyday life in Beijing and the many cultural trips, both individually and company organized, I got to truly experience the Chinese culture and lifestyle and have to admit I loved every bit of it. It was truly an amazing experience.

    I can say that my time here was probably one of the most life changing events I have had so far and I am sure that everyone willing to take the plunge into the adventure that is working and living in Beijing will feel the same and will not regret it for a single moment. 

  • Name: Robin Vermeij (NL) Position: General Technology Department

    My internship at Goldwind was from July to December 2012. It was part of my study program at Delft University of Technology. As a MSc. student in Aerodynamics & Wind Energy, I got to work with real wind turbine data. This enabled me to put my knowledge about wake aerodynamics into practice and gain hands on experience. However, due to the fact that I don´t know Chinese I found communication with my colleagues sometimes to be a great challenge.  Everyone in the Goldwind team is very friendly and helpful, which makes the company a very pleasant place to work.

    But not only working, but also living here has been an amazing experience. Beijing is a great city which has not ceased to surprise me every day. During my internship I made a lot of friends and it is truly difficult to be bored here. There are ample opportunities to learn about the culture, try all the food, do sightseeing, having fun in the bars, play sports. I even climbed a 2.5MW wind turbine!

    I´m very grateful that Goldwind gave me the opportunity to work in the renewable energy industry. I will never forget the good memories and will take all the many things I learned with me to the future!

  • Name: Olivia Position: Corporate Strategy department

    I graduated from a Masters degree in Australia and came to Goldwind to do an internship in corporate strategy.

    The whole internship has been a very rewarding experience for me. I’ve had the opportunity to improve myself through challenging and meaningful work. I’ve had wonderful mentoring and guidance from my two supervisors, and as a result I’ve been able to really grow my own skills and knowledge of the industry.

    Goldwind also puts a lot of emphasis on work-life balance. There are lots of opportunities to play sports and do extra activities with your colleagues – Goldwind folks definitely know how to have fun! 

  • Name: Kamil Bojanczyk Position: Grid Connection Technology department

    I have been at Goldwind for one month now, and my time so far has been positive. Coming into China can be a hairy experience, but with the help of my amazing comrades I have been able to fit in quite nicely. My job is to develop a new business unit for Goldwind. The job is both challenging and exciting. I am using my previous skillset in engineering, energy and economic modeling, and in business development. At the same time, I am tackling a steep learning curve to understand the microgrids market and to come up with new products. I see the impact that my job has on the company, and am confident that I can use this skills to further my own interests in the future.

  • Name: Jin Liu Position: Human Resources department

    My internship at Goldwind was from September 2012 to February 2013. These five months at Goldwind gave me the chance to apply what I had learned in school in real life situations which I feel is very beneficial for my future career.

    The internship at Goldwind not only gave me firsthand experience for my field of study but also many memorable experiences that I will never forget. Not to mention the wonderful supervisors here at Goldwind that made my working experience enjoyable. Beijing is a great city filled with many exciting places that are just waiting for you to explore. I have met people from all over the world here and some whom I became good friends with.  Living in Beijing for five months also helped me understand Chinese culture better as well. Even though I’m Chinese, I have lived in the US most of my life and never got the chance to fully experience Chinese culture until my internship at Goldwind. I encourage anyone that is looking for a great working and learning experience to apply for an internship at Goldwind, you will not regret it!

  • Name: Didier Position: Grid connection Technology Dept

    I studied Master of renewable Energy and electrical Engineering. My decisions of coming to Goldwind are to gain experience in the Wind turbine sector and have new experiences with different people of the whole world. This internship gave me the opportunity to grow as an engineer and increase my knowledge in the Renewable energy world.

    China is good country where you can live a great adventure, considered all the things are different and the people are really nice. My colleagues help me understand their culture and we usually play football or ping pong after the lunch or work, which makes my department a very friendly atmosphere to work in.
    In my opinion it is a good experience to come to Goldwind and live new adventures with yours new friends and colleagues. I can assure you that you will not regret it!!!

  • Name: Hannah Position: Offshore department

    After recently graduating from an honors degree in Aerospace engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia I came to Goldwind in August 2012. I am currently working in the offshore department and staying here until December 2012.

    For the past few months I have been working with my supervisor on the mist eliminator flow path for the offshore turbines; everyone in the department has been really helpful and encouraging making it a real team environment. It’s great being able to work on projects where you can see the outcome; it really puts into perspective what you are working towards.

    It has been such an amazing experience over the last few months getting to know my colleagues as well as the other interns. The language barrier in china is sometimes very difficult, but it has been a lot of fun learning the basics and using it in everyday life. Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of Beijing and visit areas outside as well, including an interesting trip to Qingtao festival and a unique camping experience.

    I have learnt so much since coming to Goldwind, both about the company and about china. Goldwind does regular presentations for the interns from various employees in different sectors so they really give you an insight into the structure and nature of the company and the wind industry in China, as well as its position in the global renewable energy industry.

  • Name: Felix Lin Cheng Hong Position: International Service Center

    I did a 6 month internship with Goldwind from February to July 2012 in the International Service Center, where my main responsibility was to support and assist the project manager in the management of the international project. I was able to apply my knowledge from my studies in my daily tasks and to have an experience of what project management was about.

    Goldwind also provided basic Chinese lessons to the foreign interns, to enable them to have an easier time in China and trips were also organized to the great wall and wind farm too. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and time in Goldwind and China that I decided to stay on and work in Goldwind.

  • Name: Alberto Navarro Bueno Position: Service System\International Service Center

    Almost one year ago I received this kind of internship offer that you usually think that you will never get, because of the importance of the company who publishes it or because the internship takes places abroad and it gives an extra difficulty to get it due to the current global competition that there is nowadays. However, I felt something positive since the first moment I took a look to the offer and, right now, here I am, working as a full-time employee for one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.

    To me, coming to China was not easy, since I still had an internship contract for 6 months more with the famous and important renewable energies developer company called, EDP Renewables, which, by the way, was bought by the big Chinese group Three Gorges, and because to an European citizen it is always hard to move to another continent, so different to yours, in this case Asia.

    However, as I said at the beginning, I knew since the first moment that the internship would give me an unforgettable experience both, personally and professionally speaking, and I can say that all my expectations were fulfill.  To me Goldwind is much more than just a company and I could feel it from the first day when I saw people doing “morning exercise”, because you can see that people do not only come to the office to work but also to enjoy all the activities and events that the company organizes for all of them, to make them fell as if we all were a big family. . In Europe it is almost impossible to find a company that does this kind of activities. Therefore, to me,  Goldwind is like a big family where you cannot only work but also play sports, make friends and even have dinner at the canteen.

    Despite the differences in culture between China and, in my case, Spain, which I am still sometimes trying to assimilate, the time in China so far has been meaningful and very important for me. I really think that the company has something to with that since I have met many nice people at Goldwind (some of them will be friends forever) and they all have been very helpful to me, trying to help me as much as possible and trying to make feel comfortable within this country. 

    As Wugang has said in many meetings, the company is seeking to be more international to have a prosper and important future overseas, and that is why the company is hiring more and more foreign people to help the company become a reference in overseas markets. Therefore, the relationship between Chinese employees and foreign employees will become more and more common, and I honestly think that the company is ready for that.

    To finish these brief words, I would like to thank everyone for making my stay here nice and comfortable and make feel like if I was not that far from my home country, specially HR department (that to me play a key role in the integration of foreign people within the company, helping a lot) and my department, International Service Center, who gave me the opportunity of becoming a full-time employee and helped me and taught me a lot during my internship period.

  • Name: Mario Position: Research & Development Department

    My name is Mario. I’m a 23 year old mechanical engineering student from the Technical University of Munich.

    Goldwind gave me the opportunity to do an internship in their R&D department from May till September 2010. Working at Goldwind, I was able to see the practical use and applicability of my studies from university. This internship gave me the confirmation that I chose the right major in the field of wind engineering.

    Every day here in China you get chance to learn more about the cultural, social and economic structures of this country and the people living here.

    It is a great experience to work for one of the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturers. Besides work, the company also encourages its employees to become involved in recreational sports such as table tennis or the badminton club. I made a lot of great memories playing table tennis with my Chinese colleagues.

    I encourage everybody out there to join the Goldwind community!

  • Name: Taylor Position: Supply Chain Department

    I’ve had one of the best experiences of my life working for Goldwind in Beijing. I am very pleased with the level of professionalism everyone has and I have gained a lot of practical experience. I was given a lot of responsibility, even for an employee, let alone an intern and truly gave it my best.

    The best way to put it is – we work hard and play even harder. I will always remember what our VP of Engineering told me during a night out in the city, “Never give up!”

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