Smart Wind Farm

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Site Selection Consulting

Goldwind has established a nationwide wind energy, meteorological, and geographic information data center to provide consulting services in wind power development planning, macro site selection, and micro site selection for various governmental departments, wind power developers, and other institutions. Our digital platforms and tools, such as FreeMESO and Fengxun, intuitively and rapidly locate potential sites for wind power projects, estimate project capacities, and analyze expected revenue.

Goldwind has deployed over 50 world-leading LiDAR systems to assist in macro and micro site selection of wind farms. By integrating accurate flow field simulation coupling models and big data, we help customers reduce or eliminate investment risks and increase their actual investment income by 20% or more.

In addition to technical tools, Goldwind's site selection consulting service is based on a wind resource team of over 100 site selection experts. Each engineer has a wealth of practical experience and provides customers with optimal wind farm site selection plans.

Design Optimization

Using cloud computing, big data, and machine learning technologies, Goldwind has successfully developed precision flow field simulation models. Together with the large volumes of wind energy, turbine, and wind farm data we have accumulated over the years, these models allow us to provide highly precise and low-uncertainty distribution features of wind energy for wind farm designs, and reduce the margin of error of single-unit turbine simulations by 50% or more.

Using GIS 3D spatial analysis priority search algorithms, UAV mapping, and radar mapping, Goldwind has realized automatic design and optimization of roads and collecting power lines.

Goldwind uses the minimum CoE and the maximum NPV as the goal of optimizing wind farm design. We always strive to ensure that our customers achieve the maximum investment income.

Engineering Construction

Goldwind employees form a professional team that provides standardized and regulated construction services. Drawing on our many years of wind farm construction experience and product chain resource and technology advantages, we provide customers with customized, data-based complete solutions for wind farm construction covering wind farm development, investment and financing, wind farm design, supply chain services, project construction, and commissioning and O&M services. We aim to deliver premium wind farms that minimize costs, while maximizing power generation revenue.

Goldwind's complete EPC solution was the first to adopt the guaranteed power generation model in the industry.

Intelligent Operations

Our intelligent wind power operations and management overturns traditional operations models. Based on resource coordination and philosophy sharing, we use advanced information technologies and tools and integrate professional wind power technical and managerial knowledge to form a more efficient and cost-effective operation and management solution.

By deploying the intelligent operation and management solution, wind power asset operators can enjoy direct benefits such as the following:

  • Centralized farm cluster monitoring and regional service sharing allow completely automated wind farm operations, reducing the number of on-site personnel even to none. This directly reduces O&M costs by 20-30 RMB (3.13-4.70 USD)per kW.
  • Our preventative maintenance based on smart fault diagnosis and big data alerts ensures the sound and efficient operation of turbines. This directly reduces average annual spare parts costs by 2-4 RMB (0.31-0.63 USD)per kW, and significantly reduces turbine downtime.
  • Our insight into factors that cause power loss and precise increases to production-based availability (PBA) allow us to achieve end-to-end cluster performance management. This helps establish wind farm standards and specifications for efficient O&M.
  • Based on centralized farm cluster power prediction and energy management, we further optimize wind farm grid connection performance.

Improved Quality, Efficiency, and Service Life

We adopt a comprehensive optimization solution for Goldwind turbines. Without increasing any security risk factors, this directly increases the power generation capacity of single units and the wind farm as a whole.

For our direct drive and dual feed models, we analyze frequent faults to provide technical optimization solutions that enhance turbine reliability.

For old and low-efficiency wind farms, we provide comprehensive service life extension and retrofit solutions to improve farm generation efficiency.