Financial Service

Goldwind's financial services actively promote the harmonious and symbiotic development of industry and finance. Introducing scientific risk management, performance evaluation, and project assessment methods and experiences from the financial industry at the same time contributes greatly to the development of our main business. Goldwind financial services adopt a symbiotic industrial-finance development strategy and are guided by the principles: the industry determines financial needs, financing promotes the industry, and the integration of the industry and financing serves the main business. By using financial services to activate idle capital resources, using financial leasing for industry-finance integration, using an industrial fund to expand the scope of value-added services, and using Internet+ to provide an efficient experience, we will achieve mutual cooperative development between our main wind turbine business and financial services.

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Industrial Fund

Goldwind, together with our partners, has established an industrial fund to provide full equipment, EPC general contracting, O&M, and financing solutions for private wind farms. Through our solutions, we provide credit to trusted trading entities, allowing them to develop wind farm investment projects that will generate predictable cash flows in the future. These efforts aim to build extremely stable assets. By adopting a new project-heavy, entity-light financial concept, we seek to transform the industry's financial ecosystem to ultimately establish a system of trust for assets.

As an asset manager, Goldwind will fully participate in wind power project construction and O&M, providing assurances for projects to achieve their expected profitability and stable and sound cash flows.

By purchasing Goldwind’s first-class wind turbines, EPC services, and professional wind farm O&M services, private wind farm owners can obtain 3-5 years of equity financing and 10-12 years of equipment financing, in order to address their long-term concerns.

Financial Leasing

In June 2012, Goldwind established Tianxin International Leasing Co., Ltd. as the company’s professional financial leasing business. Adhering to Goldwind's mission of "Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow", Tianxin Leasing has actively developed its wind farm financial leasing business. Their efforts have laid the cornerstone for the rapid development of renewable energy, contributing significantly to environmental protection. Over the past few years, Tianxin Leasing's business has expanded to cover new energy, equipment manufacturing, and other financial services for major equipment. Its business footprint has extended to over ten provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions throughout China, with business models including direct leasing, sale and leaseback, and factoring.

By leveraging its professional advantages in new energy and financing, Tianxin Leasing has formed an outstanding team and continues to develop innovative products to continuously provide first-class financial services to customers.

Supply Chain Financing

Goldwind has developed and operated Fengneng Bao, the wind power industry's first supply chain financial information service platform. Making ample use of the trade credit of the core enterprises, this platform promotes the extension of the enterprises' own credit through the supply chain to revitalize existing supply chain assets: increasing suppliers' receivables turnover efficiency, lowering the share of funds occupied by core enterprise operations, and helping solve suppliers' financing difficulties and reduce financing costs.

By introducing an Internet operations mode and constructing a big data risk prevention and control system for the platform, we are striving to build a secure, trusted, transparent, and efficient Internet information platform for the industry. Over the long term, the platform's sound risk control system and standardized business operations will create more value for the wind power industry and individuals in this industry.