Complete EPC Solution

Goldwind provides customers with a complete EPC solution for wind farm development, construction, and post-construction O&M and transfers by precision wind resource analysis, turbine design customization, financing solution optimization, digital wind farm construction management, and resource interconnection platform. This gives customers the "one-stop" EPC solution to improve the efficiency and reliability of project development, construction, O&M, and other stages. It reduces overall costs-from the construction stage to the O&M stage- to increase the efficiency of subsequent operations, and ensure wind farm profits.

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Guaranteed Power Generation EPC Mode

Goldwind integrates its advantages in wind resource assessments, turbines, and other core technologies with 12 years of practical wind farm construction experience, to create a guaranteed power generation EPC mode in the wind power industry. By establishing a wind farm revenue assessment system based on power generation capacity and by sharing risks and rewards with customers, we effectively reduce the risks customers face during the process. This solution ensures efficient wind farm construction and maintenance and high quality and revenue.

Wind Power EPC + Finance

Wind farm finance is characterized by high amounts, long periods, and many risks. It is also directly related to wind farm investment income drawing on more than a decade of in-depth experience in the wind power industry, Goldwind uses its power generation guarantee model to create a variety of financing solutions. These solutions address customers' wind farm development and construction financing needs, to minimize overall costs and ensure that customers have a profitable wind farm.

Digital Wind Farm Construction Management

Goldwind uses the BIM digital platform to coordinate management work, from wind farm design to construction. This solution significantly improves the timeliness and accuracy of project cost estimates. It also allows us to implement 5D dynamic visual management for the entire wind farm construction project. This ensures project quality, safety, and optimal progress, while minimizing costs.