Intelligent Operation

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Intelligent Wind Power Operations - SOAM™

Goldwind's intelligent operations system SOAM™ is composed of four major subsystems: the WFM™ wind farm cluster monitoring and management system, the SPHM™ equipment health management system, the AM™ asset management system, and the WBI™ wind power business intelligence system. The SOAM™ system provides an all-in-one wind power solution, and can deploy the various subsystems (modules) independently or in flexible combinations.

Based on the data analysis and advanced applications provided by SOAM™, we can increase turbine reliability and O&M staff capabilities. By integrating regional service resource sharing, we are exploring centralized operation and inspection models.

  • By achieving completely automated wind farms operations, the number of on-site personnel will be reduced even to none, which directly reduces O&M costs.
  • By providing precision and centralized generation estimates together with cost analyses, we can increase the competitiveness of transactions on regional power markets.
  • Smart health management based on big data analysis increases turbines' no-fault operational time by 20%-30%.
  • PBA performance evaluations and insights into the causes of power loss allow us to provide improvement plans and reduce power loss by 1-2%.

Goldwind Intelligent O&M Solutions (GW SES A Series)

Wind farm O&M is essential to generating clean energy and achieving strong investment income for investors. To succeed in harsh environments, even more careful planning is required. Wind power investors have different operations plans and diverse needs. Goldwind's intelligent O&M solutions are designed to fit the different operational goals and specific O&M needs of each wind farm. They are professional service solutions that provide standardized efficiency, intelligence, transparency, and flexible customization.

Improved Quality, Efficiency, and Service Life

Increased Generation Solution(power+)

By adjusting the operational parameters based on specific site features, implementing smart software algorithms, and optimizing blade operations based on the aerodynamic conditions, allow turbines to achieve their maximum power generation potential and increase generation capacity by up to 5%, without introducing any risk factors.

Wind Power Remanufacturing Solution

Goldwind’s wind power remanufacturing solution includes spare part repairs, failure analysis, optimization and alternatives, product R&D, offline product reproduction, and insurance claims services.

Retrofit and Optimization Solution

This solution includes master control strategy optimization, gearbox heat dissipation optimization, converter retrofit, and pitch-control backup battery retrofit. The post-retrofit turbine load safety and power increase effect have been certified by TÜV Rheinland.