Offshore Wind Power Construction Solution

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Complete Historic Meteorological Data and Operations Window Analysis

  • By analyzing a massive volume of historical meteorological data for the project site, we can more accurately predict project operations window conditions
  • Then, based on these conditions, we suggest optimal construction plans and optimal construction and hoisting solutions

Scientific Supply Plan Matching

  • On-site operations progress analysis and prediction
  • Transport operations window and efficiency analysis
  • Project support yard, wharf storage, and transfer efficiency and needs analysis
  • Comprehensive evaluation of optimal supply plans to ensure uninterrupted on-site construction

Safe and Precision Logistics and Delivery

  • Precision location tracking of major parts to ensure real-time control of logistics progress
  • Ship and part transport status detection to ensure safe transport of parts
  • Full life cycle humidity detection and automatic control to ensure the reliability of parts

Highly Efficient and High-quality On-site Work

  • Factory pre-assembly and pre-commissioning reduce offshore operations and ensure rapid installation, commissioning, and grid connection
  • Automated single-blade erection technology increases the time suitable for offshore work by 15% or more and improves construction efficiency
  • Real-time background technical support and information delivery rapidly solve on-site problems and ensure highly efficient and high-quality field work

Smart Optimization Driven by Big Data Analysis

  • Leverage IoT-based big data collection and analysis to build a turbine documentation library
  • Analyze and match part shipment locations, transport routes, and logistics methods to compute optimal lean delivery plans
  • The background delivery of resources and databases and rapid identification of resource status allow the allocation of resources to temporary tasks