Asset Management

This solution integrates consulting and planning, project development, investment and financing, construction, generation O&M, and other services into a single solution, to create a clean energy service sharing platform. Goldwind has already become an innovative leader, value creator, and resource integrator in the clean energy management service sector. Furthermore, we are proactively working toward the rapid development of smart microgrids, wind power hydrogen production, wind power heating, photovoltaic heating, energy storage, and other innovative areas in the clean energy field.

Goldwind’s wind farm development projects spread throughout China, with more than 3,000 wind turbines in operation. We also own wind farm assets in the United States, Australia, Panama, etc.

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One-stop Asset Management

Based on wind power management, we leverage our full industry chain advantages to gather resources from suppliers and partners, and construct a service sharing platform integrating clean energy development, construction, production, operations, sales, technology, capital operations, and other whole industry chain products, and construct a clean energy industry chain ecosystem with wind power at its core. It is an effort to make Goldwind the leader in clean energy management service sector.

  • Resource development and use capabilities: Professional technical teams for wind farm site selection and operation evaluation
  • Asset conversion capabilities: Advanced and stable product performance ensures highly efficient resource conversion
  • Capital management capabilities: Precise wind farm O&M, focusing on benchmark construction, the reduction of limitations, and increased generation
  • Fund management capabilities: The efficient use of assets to ensure steady appreciation and generate positive returns to shareholders and partners

Business Model

  • With our sophisticated wind power project construction management experience, Goldwind thoroughly promotes a standardized design, work-day quotas, a construction cost index library, construction system informatization, centralized bidding procurement, and other management measures to ensure we remain an industry leader in design, progress management, and cost management.
  • We provide precise and centralized production management for wind farms based on our integrated "EAM + Centralized Control + Regional Operation and Inspection" management platform. By improving technical efficiency and enhancing operations management and power marketing, we focus on benchmark construction, removing restrictions, increasing generation, and improving customer services, aiming at constructing a grid-friendly wind farm.
  • We design corporate investment development models, strategies, and plans to implement corporate operations risk control, project financing and equity management, capital operation, overseas strategic investment and risk control, and industry research, in order to maximize the earnings of corporate shareholders.

Strategic Planning

Goldwind sees the rapid expansion of wind resource control as our breakout point and financial investment as the necessary support. We will focus on core capacity building and management improvement. This will allow us to consolidate our wind power investment and operations business, making wind power generation one of the pillars of Goldwind globally. At the same time, by leveraging our advantages in Asset Managements and capital operation, we will enhance the integration of internal and external resources and actively develop other new profitable channels and business fields, such as energy management and energy services. Through our efforts, we aim to become an outstanding investment operator in the clean energy industry.