Standard PV Inverter

Per-Unit Power Cost-effectiveness

  • Full-Station Generation Cost-effectiveness
    Flexible configurations allow you to choose between 1-8 circuit MPPT, 215-1700kW capacity, and other options according to your actual design needs.
    The rotation startup technology increases power generation by over 1% in low-light conditions.
    Optimized grid performance increases maximum efficiency to 99%.
  • Full-Station Procurement Cost-effectiveness
    The simultaneous support for both double wound and double split transformers allows you to reduce system costs.
    We have the industry's first grid-certified dynamic reactive voltage regulator function. This allows you to achieve full SVG functionality without any additional investment, reducing the initial project investment costs.
    Facilities occupy only 4m²/MW, further reducing foundation, installation, and construction costs.
  • Lifecycle Cost-effectiveness
    The standard modular structure reduces the difficulty of on-site O&M.
    The redundancy function means you do not have to store a large quantity of spare parts on site.
    We have upgraded our emergency services to planned preventive services, lowering service costs.

Effective Reduction of System Risks

  • Lower Grid Integration Risks
    Based on our successful experience in power conversion for tens of thousands of wind turbines, we have developed an exclusive closed-loop grid integration mode.
    By dynamically adjusting control parameters, you can solve grid connection problems in complex grid environments.
  • Lower Quality Risks
    The product adopts a standard modular framework, allowing automatic switchover from fault modules, with the remaining modules sustaining full capacity using their overload capabilities.
    We have partnered with top reliability design institutions to assess the system by using the DFMEA, FTA, and other methods to improve reliability.
  • Lower O&M Risks
    The product uses a standardized design.
    PV and storage converters of different capacities use the same platform, uniform spare parts, and consistent debugging and maintenance methods.