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Goldwind is committed to investing in scientific research to constantly develop and perfect our various product lines and improve their performance. We strive to meet a wide range of diverse needs by leveraging the most advanced technology trends.

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GW 6.XMW platform is based on the Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive (PMDD) technology. It is characterized by the four-in-one design concept that integrates complete units, tower foundations, transport and installation, and O&M, to ensure reliability throughout the equipment lifecycle. We provide three blade diameter specifications, coupled with flexible power-adjustment designs to be adapted to the specific offshore wind resource features of different regions, and to meet the customized needs of clients. Product Details

The GW 3.0MW(S) product platform draws on Goldwind's R&D experience from nearly 20,000 installed PMDD turbines to bring further innovation to the market-leading 3.0MW product platform. These products boast multiple advantages such as powerful generation performance, excellent adaptability (various environments and wind speeds), advanced technical optimizations and diversified model options. This platform provides sub-products for different wind zones, to meet the diverse needs of onshore markets. Product Details

Goldwind's GW 2.5MW platform, which boasts industry-leading availability, includes products with four blade diameter specifications that can be adapted to all wind classes from I to IV. At the same time, the product platform offers diverse tower forms and various smart controls, allowing it to adapt to the needs of different wind power projects and create more value for customers. Product Details

As Goldwind's onshore low-speed wind platform for the global market, the GW 2.XMW platform is an innovative upgrade of the previous GW 2.0MW products. It adopts our superior PMDD full-power conversion technology and is equipped with our self-developed smart control technology, increased power generation technology, and smart O&M technology. This allows it to flexibly adapt to the needs of diverse projects, provide more choices for investment in projects in class II and III wind zones around the world, in order to create more value for customers. Product Details

Wind Turbines

Achieving core power

  • Higher Efficiency
    Wider speed range and direct-drive blades improve efficiency by 5% compared with traditional generators.
  • Higher Reliability
    Fewer turbine parts help reduce system errors and provide a device utilization rate greater than 98%.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
    The elimination of a gearbox system greatly reduces downtime and long-term O&M costs.
  • Grid-friendly Connection
    Zero power-grid impact and exceptional high/low-voltage ride-through capabilities provide comprehensive power flexibility.


  • Standard Energy Storage Converter
    The products, which are based on standard power cabinets, can be easily converted into energy storage converters of any capacity, and thus support wind, solar, storage, and other applications and allow for convenient microgrid construction like building blocks.
  • Standard PV Inverter
    PV inverters convert the DC power generated by PV parts into AC power that suits grid requirements. This product helps you reduce risks and costs based on your actual application scenario.

Cutting-edge Products

Goldwind has established seven major R&D centers, which employ more than 2,000 R&D and service engineers. The Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, and other ministries have certified our R&D centers as national wind power generation engineering technology R&D centers, national-level enterprise technology centers, and national technology innovation demonstration enterprises. Goldwind holds more than 3,500 Chinese patent applications (including 2,000 invention patents), over 650 software copyright registrations, and over 400 overseas patent applications.

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