Financial Services

Innovating Financial Services forContinued Industrial Development

To promote the harmonious and symbiotic development of finance and industry, Goldwind provides customized financial services to promote the coordinated development of the entire supply chain and jointly build a better future for the industry.

Financial Solution for the Industry

Financial Solution for the Industry

Industrial Fund

Providing Full-Service Solutions for the Wind Power Industry

Together with our partners, Goldwind has established an industrial fund to provide an all-in-one solution integrating equipment, EPC general contracting, O&M, and financing. We establish a credit system and build stable “cash cow” assets, transforming the industry's financial ecosystem.

  • Equipment
  • EPC general contracting
  • O&M
  • Financial services
Full-service financial solutions

By procuring Goldwind’s high-quality equipment, EPC contracting and professional wind farm O&M services, private wind farm owners can obtain:

equity financing
equipment financing

Core Products — Industrial Fund

Core Product Series

Equity Financing

Debt Financing

Client-provided Capital

Series 1.0 Funded by client Financial lease/Bank loan 20%-30%
Series 2.0 Fund Financial lease/Bank loan 7.5%-10%
Series 3.0 Trust/Financial management Financial lease/Bank loan 0%

Financial Leasing

Creating Greater Value with Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Goldwind owns professional financial leasing business, providing clients with high-quality financial services including direct leasing, sale and leaseback, and commercial factoring.

For wind farms

Financial leasing of wind turbines, towers, blades, electrical system and control, turbine foundation, booster station, communication equipment, O&M buildings, etc.

For equipment manufacturers

Financial leasing for suppliers of wind energy and new energy equipment

For clean energy industries

Financial leasing of photovoltaic power plants, biomass power generation, etc.

For energy conservation and emission reduction industries

Financial leasing of water service, energy conservation and environmental protection industries

Core Products — Financial Leasing

Leasing Product Series

Leasing Methods

Client-provided Capital

Asset Management

Goldwind-provided Capital

Product 1.0 Individual leasing 20%-30% Assets on balance sheet 70%-80%
Product 2.0 Joint leasing 20%-30% Assets on balance sheet 35%-40%
Product 3.0 Fund + joint leasing 5%-7.5% Assets on balance sheet 35%-40%

Supply Chain Financing

Promoting Credit and Controlling Risks for a Better Financial Ecosystem

Goldwind assists small and medium-sized enterprises with financing problems to alleviate financial pressure during manufacturing and project development.

Core Products—Supply Chain Financing

Commercial factoring

Comprehensively manages accounts receivable and optimizes financial statements

Bank factoring

Solves large financing needs with high-quality lending solutions

Order financing

Provides convenient and efficient solution for clients with online bank loan approval facilitated by big data analytics

Pool financing

Collects multiple accounts receivable for continuous use of financing quota

Core Products—Supply Chain Financial Technology Services

Goldwind e-certificate

Issues an electronic credit certificate to suppliers outlining creditors’ rights and the debt relationship between both parties as stated in the basic contract (commercial sales and purchase agreement)

Goldwind instant bill discounting

Provides a bill discounting service platform for corporate bills (banker’s acceptance bills, commercial acceptance bills), whereby bill holders submit application, sign and receive bills online, and instantaneously receive released payment

Finance Company

By EnterpriseFor Industry

Goldwind Group Finance Company is a licensed financial institution. The business scope includes deposits, loans, guarantees, settlements, bills, and interbank lending.