Innovative Businesses

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Water Service & Environmental Protection

In 2013, Goldwind expanded its scope to become a leader in environmental protection. To rapidly develop our environmental protection business and cultivate a second major business sector in addition to wind power, in August 2015, we established an environmental protection platform company: Goldwind Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. The primary businesses of this company are investment, development, construction, and operation of water supply, waste water treatment, and reuse of recycled water.

Investment & Incubation

Goldwind's investment business is divided into strategic investment and financial investment.

Strategic investment is guided by the company's strategic plan. Investment in and acquisition of advanced technologies and industrial projects that suit our strategic development needs help Goldwind upgrade its primary businesses and achieve strategic transitions. We focus on investment in the following areas: new energy, new materials, energy Internet, big data, environmental protection, water supply, modern agriculture, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and other fields.

Goldwind Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Goldwind Investment”) was founded in 2010 to implement Goldwind's financial investment strategy, focusing on equity investment and asset management. Since its founding, Goldwind Investment has invested in over 30 enterprises, primarily focusing on high-end manufacturing, new energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection, new materials, healthcare, and modern service industries. It is committed to becoming a valuable investor in the Chinese advanced manufacturing and green technology fields.

Green Agriculture

Goldwind Intelligent Agriculture aims to explore new combinations of new energy and agriculture. Technology R&D for our intelligent agriculture projects is conducted at Goldwind's smart PV greenhouse in Beijing. This smart agricultural park has an area of 3,456 m2 and incorporates the concepts of green safety, ecocycling, and technological innovation. The top of the greenhouse is paneled with 65 kW thin film PV panels that generate energy needed for the facility and supplies the excess to the grid. It uses coconut fiber substrate bags, hydroponics, and other soilless cultivation methods and operates world-class soil-fertilizer integration technology and systems. By applying intelligent automated control, management, and IoT systems, it tracks and controls the entire crop growth process. The Management makes rational crop rotation schedules and adjusts water and fertilizer formulas according to the different stages of crop growth to achieve a year-round supply of fruits and vegetables. On the whole, the greenhouse is a model of high-production, low-consumption smart agriculture.

Smart Park

Goldwind Smart Park uses a distributed new energy structure centering on renewable energy. Using digital and smart technology, this solution achieves maximum in situ energy harvesting and efficient use, providing a foundation for the healthy interaction and sustained development of energy, resources, environment, construction, people, and other entities.

The Smart Park Project of Goldwind's global headquarter in Beijing, is China's first megawatt-level intelligent microgrid project, as well as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) microgrid standard testing site. The first phase of project construction included 2.5MW in wind power generation, 500kW in PV generation, two diesel generators (300kW and 200kW), and two 65kW microturbines to form a cooling, heating, and power trigeneration system, as well as a storage system with lithium and vanadium redox flow batteries and super capacitors. The project equipment uses our self-developed energy management system to create an energy Internet system.

The Goldwind Smart Park solution can be applied for the construction or renovation of a wide range of industrial campuses, energy-consuming enterprises, schools, hospitals, hotels, concentrated residential quarters, and other regions with concentrated energy demand.